Camperships for Nebagamon


Camperships for Nebagamon (CFN), founded in 1995 as a 501(c)(3) corporation, raises funds so that independent camps can include more children from various socio-economic backgrounds in their camp community. The financial support provided through the auspices of CFN also fosters racial, ethnic, and religious diversity that is central to the long-held values of the Nebagamon community. We believe that the benefits of diversity accrue not only to the children who receive the financial support but to the camp communities that welcome them. FishingCFN support gives children from different backgrounds the chance to meet one another; to live, learn and grow together; and to form lifelong relationships.’Adults with a camping background keep their friendships and memories from childhood alive. Many remember these as “the best summers of my life.” The lessons learned, the adversities overcome, and the value of camaraderie helped mold those fortunate campers into healthy adults prepared to contribute to their communities in positive ways. CFN raises funds, sets goals, and works with camp directors to identify campership recipients who would most benefit from an independent camp experience and enrich the camp community.While generous support from the extended camp communities has helped to sustain and incrementally grow CFN’s support, the long-term goal is to fund camperships for 15 percent of campers at each camp. Since 2007, we have given over 500 camperships, totaling over $2 million, to help over 250 children attend camp.

CFN stays in touch with its supporters via this recently revitalized website, our Facebook page, and a periodic newsletter, NebagaNotes. Sign up for our email list (at right) to keep abreast of the breaking news about CFN activities and progress.

Our success can be seen on the faces of children in the North Woods every summer, and can be traced directly back to the warm memories and generosity of our donors. Learn more about how you can support our work.