Camperships for Nebagamon


What is CFN?

CFN is a charity founded in 1995 to help send boys and girls to private summer camp who otherwise could not afford it. CFN is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation; gifts to CFN are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. In 2014, CFN provided partial funding for 38 boys to attend Camp Nebagamon and 12 girls to attend Camp WeHaKee.

How did CFN get started?

CFN was founded by former campers, staff and directors of Camp Nebagamon. Nebagamon alumni, families, staff and campers generously contributed more than $1,000,000 to fund the Muggs and Janet Lorber Endowment, which helps fund Camperships at Camp Nebagamon.

Who runs CFN?

CFN is managed and operated by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of former Nebagamon campers and staff. CFN also retains the services of a part-time administrative staff person to provide bookkeeping and administrative support.

How is the Muggs and Janet Lorber Endowment managed?

The CFN Board oversees the endowment and its use, and benefits from the investment advice of Mesirow Financial. In accordance with good endowment practices, a portion of annual income is retained to keep pace with inflation and allow the endowment to grow. The remainder of the income is used each year for Camperships at Camp Nebagamon.

Does the endowment cover most of CFN’s costs?

No! CFN is dependent upon annual gifts and special events to fund the majority of its camperships and other modest expenses each year. Donor support also allows CFN to support more camperships, including those for girls at Camp WeHaKee in Northern Wisconsin.

Do the camps and the campership families also contribute?

Yes! Our two partner camps each cover 25% of the cost for each child receiving a campership, helping us to make our limited funds go further. All campership families also contribute a portion of the cost of their child’s camp tuition, based upon their ability to pay.

Why does CFN also support Camp WeHaKee?

While CFN began at Nebagamon, CFN’s board felt that it was critical that underserved girls also get the opportunity to attend summer camp. Founded in 1923, Camp WeHaKee provides an outstanding summer camp experience for girls. Since its founding, the directors of WeHawKee have always valued a diverse camp community.

What is CFN’s ultimate goal at each camp?

CFN has set a goal of supporting camperships for 15% of the campers at its partner camps, not only to serve more boys and girls at each, but also to help foster diverse camp communities by supporting a critical mass of campership campers.

Will CFN partner with other camps?

At this time the Board has decided not to actively pursue additional partner camps. First, we want to be able to achieve and sustain our goal of supporting camperships for 15% of the campers at each camp. The board is mindful of the additional work and complexity, and significant increase in annual fundraising that will be necessary to support CFN’s program at additional camps. We would welcome the opportunity to partner with other camps in the future when circumstances permit.

How can I help?

You can support CFN in a variety of creative ways. Sign up at right to receive our email newsletter a few times a year; we will keep you abreast of CFN news, opportunities to participate in events and other ways to support CFN’s work. Or visit our Facebook page.

What is the Difference Between CFN and CNSF?

Camperships For Nebagamon (CFN) helps youth attend private summer camp who could not otherwise do so: boys to Camp Nebagamon and girls to Camp WeHakee. CFN seeks not only to enrich the lives of these individual youth, but also to transform its partner camp communities through the benefits of greater diversity. Founded in 1995, CFN utilizes proceeds from the Muggs and Janet Lorber Endowment to help fund its Camp Nebagamon camperships. However, it depends upon annual donations for the majority of its funding each year.

The Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund (CNSF) helps children and teens affected by poverty and disability to attend non-profit camps that specialize in meeting their needs. Donations support tuition scholarships at a select set of non-profit camps that offer therapeutic supports, adaptive recreation, and a focus on cultivating skills and values needed for success.

Founded by Muggs Lorber in 1947, the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund was administered by Nardie and Sally Lorber Stein for 50+ years.