Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund

CNSF Logo depicting three children (the middle one in a wheelchair) hiking past a tent that looks like a book. The logo reads "Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund, Summers that change lives • Since 1947"

Collage of campers from recipient camps in 2021

Joy changes lives

The Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund provides transformative summers for children and teens affected by poverty and disability. At camp, they experience summers filled with friendship, adventure and personal growth that open new possibilities for a more hopeful future.

Contributions to the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund support tuition scholarships at non-profit summer camps that specialize in serving youth who experience poverty and disability. Children and teens who receive our camp scholarships develop skills and values needed for success at camps where they are among peers, specially trained counselors, mentors and role models.

Founded in 1947 by Muggs Lorber and administered by Nardie and Sally Lorber Stein for 50+ years, the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund is a growing force for good among alumni and friends of Camp Nebagamon. Your support turns summer into a time of joy and growth for young people who need it most.