Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund


The Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund supports tuition scholarships at non-profit summer camps that offer specialized recreation and supports for children and teens who experience poverty and disability. Donations to the fund are fully tax-deductible.

One set of recipient camps specializes in serving children and teens who experience poverty. These non-profit camps offer age-appropriate experiences and supports to help children and teens develop positive problem-solving skills, resilience and emotional intelligence, and recover from trauma, abuse and neglect.

“Camp is teaching me how to be a better person in the world. I love being at camp, being able to go out of the city to where I can see the stars, the trees and the forest.”
– Camper, Sherwood Forest

“One night at the campfire, one of the campers, ‘L’ was near the lakeshore hunting for frogs. There was a lull in the conversations and songs, and L yelled, ‘I’m so happy!’ We all laughed as his cry echoed across the lake. His father told me this year of quarantines was really hard for L, and they were so thankful to come to camp.”
– Counselor, Camp Bovey (originally known as Camp Hodag, built by older Nebagamon campers in the 1940s)

“I was worried that after being on the screen for over a year that I would not be able to reconnect with kids my age like I did pre-COVID. Once I got to camp and saw friends I haven’t seen in so long, it was like picking up where we left off!”
– Camper, Sherwood Forest

Another set of recipient camps specializes in serving children and teens with intellectual and physical disabilities. These non-profit camps offer adaptive recreational facilities and activities, and therapeutic supports for communication, self-care, learning, friendship and independence.

“People here always make the effort to let you know that they understand you and your struggles. It is nice to feel ‘not so different’ thanks to the community everyone makes with each other, the way people make you feel loved and not alone.”
– Camper, Camp Twin Lakes

“My son thoroughly enjoys camp. It is the only outside activity he participates in. Though he is nonverbal he asks in sign language over and over about his next trip to camp. We are overjoyed he can attend camp and be totally accepted for who he is. Thank you to all who make this possible! You have provided him with some positives in a life of limitations.”
– Parent, The Fowler Center

“The social isolation of COVID-19 hit my gregarious teen hard. Being able to interact consistently with peers in his cabin and at activities, changed his mental space. He went from sullen and depressed to the happy outgoing kid he really is.”
– Parent, Camp Summit

Quotes do not match the people and camps in the photos above out of respect for the privacy of children, teens, and parents.