Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund


Muggs Lorber

Muggs Lorber founded the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund in 1947.

Summer camp is an instrument for the promotion of tolerance and understanding, for the development of character and high ethical and moral stands of conduct, and for the prevention of juvenile delinquency among the youth of America.”   – Muggs Lorber, founding director, Camp Nebagamon

Muggs included these insights in the legal document that established the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund as a non-profit in 1947. During Camp Nebagamon’s first decade, he wrote articles in the Arrowhead, the camp newsletter, urging boys to bring an extra fifty cents or a dollar to camp to help send disadvantaged children to non-profit summer camps near their homes.

His concerns about social justice, especially for children who experience poverty, continue to reverberate among Nebagamon alumni and friends.





Nardie and Sally

Nardie and Sally Lorber Stein led the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund for 50+ years

Nardie and Sally Lorber Stein (Muggs and Janet Lorber’s daughter), began administering the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund  in 1958 and continued to do so for more than 50 years. They take great pride in how many Nebagamon campers made donations in crumpled dollar bills from allowance saved or money earned mowing lawns, babysitting, and other odd jobs.

Together, Nardie and Sally have inspired generations of campers, family campers, alumni and staff to contribute to the fund. In their current role as active advisors to the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund, Nardie and Sally continue to feel a deep connection with its values and impact.







Jessie Stein Diamond

Jessie Stein Diamond has led the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund since 2010.

Since 2010, Jessie Stein Diamond has served as the third generation in her family to lead the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund. The board has since clarified, expanded, and aligned the fund’s mission to support a select group of high-performing non-profit camps.

The fund continues to provide tuition scholarships to camps serving children and teens affected by poverty, and now also provides tuition scholarships to non-profit camps serving youth with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Donors often recall happy childhood summers as they invest in the happiness and potential of children and teens who experience poverty and disability. May the ripple effects of this generosity – all that we send into the lives of others – come back into our own!