Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund

What We Do

Donations to the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund (CNSF) support tuition scholarships at a select group of high-performing non-profit camps that demonstrate sound fiscal management and expertise serving youth affected by poverty, and intellectual and physical disabilities.

CNSF’s recipient camps for children who experience poverty offer friendship and fun, a path out of multi-generational poverty, and opportunities to heal from trauma and neglect. Our recipient camps for children who live with disability similarly offer fun, acceptance and friendship among peers, relief from isolation, and a chance to develop independent living skills in a barrier-free setting. At both sets of camps, kids experience a safe and healthy community, a home away from home, and opportunities to develop skills and values needed for success in life. A joyful childhood summer outdoors at camp can truly make a world of difference!

Expertise serving youth with disabilities:

“For our son to have a place to go where he is completely accepted for all of his quirks and disability is truly the most amazing thing we have encountered in his lifetime! You have provided him with some positives in a life of limitations. He looks forward to this experience all year long. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

– Parent, Camp Courageous

“One of my campers grew up in an environment that wasn’t inclusive or patient with his disability. He was often left out of conversations because he has difficulty speaking. He is brilliant. Yet people labeled him as dumb just because they couldn’t understand him. Another camper instantly understood him. Watching them communicate with words and gestures taught me so much about the importance of community.”

– Counselor, Camp Wawbeek

Expertise serving youth who experience poverty:

“Thank you for making it possible for our children to have a safe place to escape, to run free, to breathe clean air, play, experiment and learn. This is the best gift our children could have.”

– Parent, Camp Bovey

“I used to be shy. Camp opened me up and took me out of that shell. Now I’m open to trying new things and doing more. I want to come back as many years as I can as a counselor because camp really helps kids. I like to see them grow each year. It’s rewarding to know I can be there for them and be that person they look forward to seeing each summer.  Kids are given a lot of free time to do activities and be kids at camp, and they’re also learning a lot of life skills, like teamwork, confidence, and just being able to speak for themselves.”

– Counselor-in-Training, Sherwood Forest Camp