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In 2019, the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund helped more than 224 children and teens attend summer camp with scholarships that covered tuition in full or in part at 13 non-profit camps.

Donations to the fund support tuition scholarships at a select group of high-performing non-profit camps that demonstrate sound fiscal management and expertise serving youth affected by poverty, and intellectual and physical disabilities.

Recipient camps are located primarily near cities where Camp Nebagamon’s campers and alumni live.

Expertise serving youth with disabilities:

This is truly a place of full inclusion. We have campers with all kinds of different disabilities and challenges. When we bring them together, they have a fantastic time. I worked with a camper one-on-one all week to make sure his needs were being met. We followed the family’s instructions carefully and paid attention to his different emotional cues and signals. He did very well in art, music and equine therapy and found new ways to express himself without words. He formed a close friendship with a fellow camper who has also communication difficulties.”  – Counselor, Camp Red Leaf

My son has been asked to leave other camps on two prior occasions for significant outbursts and behaviors in the past.  He was adopted and has challenges with self-esteem and regulating his moods appropriately.  While my son has a big heart, he always struggled with peer interactions and with feeling positive about himself. Camp allowed him the opportunity to see his potential.  He initiated peer interactions throughout the week and had a great time.  This is the experience I wanted him to have for so long, an amazing week. It fills my eyes with tears to see his self-esteem, confidence, and pride since he came home from camp.” – Parent, Camp Wawbeek

Expertise serving youth who experience poverty:

Camp Joy is a place where I feel I fit in. It’s a place where people fully understand me because they have been through the same obstacles in life. I had a great counselor and close friends here who will help me with the challenges I face when I go home like my brother’s anger issues.”- Camper, foster care specialty camp at Camp Joy

Many of our children come from neighborhoods stricken by poverty and crime and from parents who lack the financial means to send their children away for the summer. Tuition support from the Camp Nebagamon Scholarship Fund helps these children escape the city during these most violent months and enjoy the safety, peace and serenity that Camp Rosenthal has to offer.” – Director, Camp Rosenthal (previously a camper and staff member at a similar camp)

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