March Madness 2023

About the March Madness for Summer Gladness bracket pool:

  • All entries received by March 16 validate participation in the bracket challenge.
  • Each entrant must be age 18 and up and may fill out up to 5 brackets at $10 apiece.
  • Half the funds raised will go directly to the winner of the bracket challenge (check to be mailed soon after the NCAA championship game April 3rd). The other half of the pot (less processing fees) will go directly to CNSF to support camp tuition scholarships this summer. So everybody wins!
  • In the unlikely event of a tie with two or more winners, the prize money will be split among the winners. 
  • If you donated more than $50 to the March Madness for Summer Gladness pool, you receive 5 entries and funds received above $50 will support CNSF’s mission in full.
  • The prize will be capped at $1000 so that additional funds raised support CNSF’s mission.